Invoice application may be applied on next day of ticket purchase date. Fill in below information and we will issue an invoice to you.

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    1. For any itinerary booked through this website, you can print a payment certificate after inputting passenger name, ticket No. and other necessary data.
    2. Invoice application may be applied on next day of ticket purchase date within two years.
    3. It's not applicable for fully refund tickets/EMDs to apply Invoice Application. For partially refund tickets/EMDs, please contact our call center or branch office for assistance.
    4. Each payment certificate lists the payment details of only one passenger. If there are two or more passengers under your reservation code, please apply separately. 
    5. One passenger under the same reservation code can fill in the payment certificate only once. That is, the passenger's information and ID card No. cannot be modified once inputted. 
    6. The payment certificate is only a reference for passengers to record the ticket purchase and cannot serve as a boarding pass. All information and restrictions about the ticket price shall be subject to our ticketing rules. We reserve the right of final interpretation of the payment certificate content. 
    7. Do not adjust the certificate layout and content at your own discretion to avoid breaking the law.