Shanghai Commercial Bank Visa / Mastercard Credit Card –Tickets Purchased Offer at China Airlines website

  • Ticket Issue Period:2 May to 31 Dec 2018 (both dates inclusive)
  • Outbound Travel Period:2 May 2018 to 31 March 2019 (both dates inclusive)
  • Eligible Card:Visa / Mastercard Credit Card issued by Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited (the“Eligible Card”)
  • Eligible Air Route:Self-operating flights of China Airlines (Mandarin Airlines) with first departure from Hong Kong to have 4% discount on the base fares
  • Eligible Customer:The eligible Cardholder and a maximum of 8 accompanying passengers per transaction (booking must be under the same reference)
  • Method of Purchase:Purchase air ticket at the China Airlines’ designated website
▼ Terms and Conditions:
  1. The Offer is only applicable to the cardholders (“Cardholders”) of Visa / Mastercard Credit Card (include principle card and supplementary card) (the“Eligible Card”) issued by Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited (the“Bank”). The Cardholders must settle the relevant payments with the Eligible Card in order for to enjoy the Offer. The Offer is not applicable to UnionPay Dual Currency Diamond Credit Card.
  2. This Offer cannot be combined with other promotion offers. (Example : Member Birthday Promotion, other credit card promotion, Corporate Mileage Program ...etc).
  3. This Offer may not be applicable to dedicated promotion products, please contact China Airlines Customer Service Hotline for further enquiry.
  4. Tickets must be purchased via dedicated promotion page. The discount is applicable only to the base fare but not applicable to fuel surcharges, taxes, extra baggage fees , insurance fees … etc.
  5. The Offer will be applied to eligible products automatically, and the base fares as shown on the website are already discounted by 4%.
  6. Prices may change slightly as the daily foreign exchange rates vary. All fares are subject to limited seat availability and might not be applicable to all flights and/or dates and are on first-come-first serve basis. Passengers travel as companion will not be guaranteed to confirm on the same flight.
  7. Different terms and conditions apply to all air tickets, please read and confirm your understanding of such before proceeding to purchase.
  8. Tickets must be issued on/before the expiry of this Offer. China Airlines and Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited shall have no liability for any loss or damage or any alternative arrangement caused by any website or system failure, any malfunction of computers, communications and facilities, any deficiencies of service, any notice omitted because of error in email-sending and/ or the loss of any notice.
  9. Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited is not the supplier of products/services/information and accepts no liability for the quality of or any other matters related to the products and services in this offer.
  10. China Airlines (Mandarin Airlines) and Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited reserve the rights to amend or cancel the promotion and any of its terms and conditions, without prior notice.
  11. In case of any dispute, the decision of China Airlines (Mandarin Airlines) and Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited will be final.
  12. For enquiry, please contact China Airlines Customer Service Hotline (852) 2843 9230

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